Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Chicken?

We celebrated American Thanksgiving in Canada tonight & invited our Canadian neighbors to join us. We're so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors that we happily & gratefully call our good friends!!!

I know we don't say it often enough but we are so thankful for our family, friends, good health, Todd's job, and our home....we have more than we need! While we certainly miss spending the holidays with the ones we love...please know that we think about you often and love & miss you so very much. Maybe next year we'll all be together!!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy Black Friday shopping!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Words

I know she's ours, but I'm so impressed with how smart this little girl is!!!

Gracie got this book for her 1st Birthday from Eric (he's 2 months older than G) and his parents, Tania & Dave, our French Canadian friends in Moncton. It's called "First Words" and we "read" it all the time. It's a big book with big, colorful pictures of lots of different things like food, animals, shoes, and toys - some are just pictures on the pages and others are flash cards that come out of the book.

We've always asked Gracie to point to or identify the pictures in the book and we've taken the cards in & out lots of times before...but today....I decided to flip the flash cards over and started to say & spell the words...she quickly picked up the correct card to go with the word we said! I'm sure the shapes of each object on the cards also help her figure which thing we're asking for but I also really think she's starting to identify letters/words and maybe even beginning to read!!!!

Regardless of how she's doing it, we're very proud of her!!!

And what about that tongue??? Guess it helps her concentrate - just like her Daddy!

DaDee! We're home!

WOW!!! You're still checking our blog? Even after I haven't posted anything for weeks!!!

Gracie and I were on vacation in South Carolina for almost 3 weeks (and I took a long vacation from blogging). We had so much fun visiting with our family and friends...thanks to everyone for making our trip home so wonderful! I can't wait to share our pictures (I only took about 700)!

Until I can sort through and edit all those pictures...I hope you'll enjoy this cute video of Gracie running to see her DaDee at the airport!!!

I'm glad TSA didn't care that Todd climbed under the partition rows to pick up and hug his little girl!!!