Wednesday, January 30, 2008

39 weeks and waiting!

Well - we're still waiting.  I keep saying it's like waiting for a pot to boil.  I wake up each day wondering "if today will be the day" and go to bed thinking "it just might be tonight". Nothing yet!  

My OB is in Mexico until this weekend.  I saw her partner today.  He was very nice.  An older man.  I was in and out of the office in less than 10 minutes.  Guess "he's been there and done that" more times than he can count.  He said everything was fine and the baby could come any day.  He estimates the baby is at least 7 and half pounds.  I was kinda hoping he or she weighed more to justify how much weight I've put on!  

So's just wait and see!  I've got an appointment with my OB Wed, Feb 6th.  I'm guessing if no baby by then we'll discuss induction.  

As promised - we'll keep everyone posted.  

Thanks for checking in on us - we can't wait to meet this little baby and to share our news with everyone. 

Friday, January 25, 2008

Not yet...

We're still waiting!  I saw my OB on Tuesday and she said everything is fine.  My blood pressure is good and no protein or sugar in my urine.  I'm definitely pushing the limit on the scale - as I'm sure you can see from my  37 week picture which is why I'm not crazy about posting another picture - we'll see.  The baby's heart rate was 147.  

Todd's Mom flies in Jan 31st on Todd's 32nd birthday!  Todd's Dad will fly in once the baby is born.  My parents will arrive on Feb 8th.  We're so excited about seeing everyone.  We knew that having a baby would  guarantee visitors to Canada!
Wonder when Baby Lee will decide to arrive???  

We promise to keep everyone updated.  

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Becoming...The Lee Family

The Nursery

37 weeks

And it certainly shows.  Can I get any bigger???

We saw our OB today and she said everything is going well.  
Baby Lee's heart rate was 140 and Kelly's blood pressure was fine.
We'll hopefully be going for an ultrasound soon to confirm the
baby's position, amount of amniotic fluid and the baby's weight.

Wonder when Baby Lee will decide to arrive?  Any guesses?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

35 weeks

We're getting closer and closer to meeting Baby Lee!