Friday, February 27, 2009

Going to SC

The start of our trip at the Saint John Airport on Fri, Feb 6th.  All smiles at the gate waiting for our plane to arrive.

Chewing on her penguin bath squirter.  She loves this little penguin.  I call it her Pen-gwee-no.

Sitting with Daddy.

"Hold up - are we flying on that small prop plane?"
Todd doesn't seem too concerned.

When we looked out our window to the prop engine - 
this is what we saw (click on the picture to enlarge).  
We enjoyed telling Gracie that the company that Daddy works for makes the oil used in this plane's engine.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

South Carolina vs. Canada

Wow!!!  I'm so happy you're still checking our blog since it has been over 2 weeks since I have posted anything.   

We had so much fun and were so busy in South Carolina with our family and friends that I didn't have any down time to post any pictures.  Now that we're back - I'm overwhelmed with how to begin sharing all of our wonderful pictures (taken on our new Nikon D90 Camera).  We took over 600 pictures and we just love the camera.  

We had such a wonderful visit in Myrtle Beach and Beaufort.  We are so grateful to our family & friends for making Gracie's 1st birthday parties so special.  We enjoyed visiting with everyone and are sad that we live so far away.  

To get started on the pictures - I thought it would be cute to show you the weather we enjoyed in South Carolina and what we returned home to in Canada.   

Gracie playing in the sand in Myrtle Beach.

She loves sticking her tongue out all the time.

She still sits on her knees.

Grabbing a handful.

I love this picture.

This is where we were....(happy and warm at the beach)

and this...
Is HOME (oh the harsh, cold reality of where we live)!

Side of our house.

Front door.

Back deck.  The snow is starting to cover the windows.

Accumulation after one night.

Tucker wishes he could see the grass again.

Please check back often - I promise I'll be posting lots and lots of pictures from our trip.  Lots of love to you all!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Party at the Beach House

We had a blast celebrating Gracie's First Birthday Party at the Beach House in Myrtle Beach with some of our family and closest friends (we really missed those of you who couldn't make it).   We had a wonderful day.

Here are the Lee Girls wearing the birthday colors - 
pink and brown, of course!

We were so happy that BeBe & PaPa were there.

Time for Cake

We cannot believe she is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  
Happy Birth-day dear Gracie...
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Ummm...what's this?


That's a lot of frosting on her hands.

Here Daddy, you have some too.

Just before getting washed up.  

Let's open some presents (thank you so much to everyone for all the wonderful gifts - she is a very spoiled and much loved little girl!)

Puzzle from Ellee & Granddaddy.

Future TROUBLE maker?!?

Ashlee & Campbell

Travis nicely gesturing "enough" with the pictures!  
I think he should be in GQ.  

Stealing a kiss.

The Wilson's drove up from Charleston.
Payton is adorable.  She wore her party dress and was very sweet helping Gracie open her presents.  

The Pittman's drove over from Chapin.  
Save The Date for Gracie & Campbell's wedding.

Cheryl drove up from Charleston - she was my preceptor in the Peds Cardiac ICU at MUSC.  She is an amazing nurse and I am so glad that we have stayed in touch over the years.  She was my mentor and friend and means the world to me!

Our little family (just missing Tucker!)

On the beach BeBe & PaPa.

2 of my BFFs - Liz & Ash (we missed you Melissa).

Todd loves this picture of me being "bossy"!

Getting ready to release some balloons.

Bye-Bye Balloons!

G wanted to go back out on the beach!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Bear

My unbelievably sweet friend Crystal in Alexandria, VA has been spoiling Gracie since the day she was born.   Crystal is such an amazing person, wonderful friend and I swear she is a super Mom.  Did I mention that she has 3 beautiful children of her own - Malena is 4 1/2 years old, twin boys Darren and Davin are almost 8 months, and they are happily expecting baby #4 in August.  I tell her all the time that I really don't know how she does it all.

Crystal - thank you so much for all the e-mails, gifts, and for just being you.  I am forever grateful and cherish our friendship more than you know!   

So ... guess what arrived from Crystal (and her family) for Gracie's 1st Birthday?

Gracie does really well opening gifts - I think she gets that from her Daddy...who also loves opening presents.

Well, show us what's in there!

It's an adorable, white Gund Teddy Bear wearing a monogrammed birthday bid.  Gracie loves hugging her!

This bear is so sweet.   
(Question for Crystal - will you ask Malena to help Gracie give her bear the perfect name?)

Here's the bid - I can't wait for Gracie to wear it when she has her 1st Birthday cake!!!

We love you & the Teddy Bear too!