Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Sister

Snuggling Sisters

Every now and then Gracie asks to hold Delaney. She usually only wants to hold her for a few seconds or until Delaney starts fussing. I've taught Gracie to tell me when she doesn't want to hold Delaney any longer by saying, "done", so that she doesn't just push Delaney away. It was so cute a few weeks back when she held Delaney for several minutes in her little chair while she watched her cartoon. They both just sat there together. Such sweetness. I love my girls!!!

Future Mardi Gras Girl?

So one night after her bath....Gracie walked in to see me while I was getting Delaney ready for bed. I had to giggle when this was all she was wearing:

Yep, that's it!!!
A beaded necklace and high heels!
Yowsers! We've got our hands full with this one!

Beaufort Academy Reunion

I went to a very small, private school in Beaufort. I, along with a few of my high school friends, planned an All Classes Alumni Reunion over Thanksgiving Weekend. We started planning more than a year in advance and thanks to Facebook we were able to invite over 400 alumni.

We had a meet-up at Plums, a local restaurant & bar on Friday night. There were lots of people there that night that could not make it to the party the next night. Then on Saturday, there was an alumni soccer game, which had 25 players, at the school with a concession stand and inflatable bouncers for the kids. It was a great turnout! Gracie was a little reserved at first but she ended up having a blast in the Tweety Bird bouncer.

For the party on Saturday night, we ended up with about 175 guests and I think everyone had a good time; at least, I hope they all did!

Like any party, there were a few things that I wish we would have done would have been nice to have had some kind of music. The stereo system at the venue didn't work very well and, after more tickets were sold at the door, we ended up having enough money that we could have hired a DJ or a small, local band. Oh well, I had to make that decision in advance, and at the time, we just didn't have the cash. Live and learn. All in all, it was a lot of fun. Everyone got to see people they hadn't seen in years. There was a lot of catching up, lots of laughs, a yummy dinner and lots of beer and wine!

The party was at Cat Island Grill & Pub.

Beaufort after Thanksgiving

We went down to Beaufort over Thanksgiving Weekend to see my family and for my high school reunion. It was a quick, and very busy trip, but lots of fun. Here are the girls with BeBe and PaPa.

A special thanks to my parents for watching the girls while Todd and I did reunion things!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby BumbleBees

Who's who?

Who's the baby?

Can you find the real baby in these pictures???

And which baby is Gracie and which is Delaney?

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yep, I'm that far behind on my posts...but better late than never!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Todd's family. Gracie woke up in a bad mood and was pretty awful most of the day (my apologizes to everyone). But the rest of us enjoyed the day - A special thank you to Mary Ann (Mimi), Shelley, John, and Jackson for driving up from Charleston to share the day with us & for the sweet gifts you gave to the girls!

Our Thanksgiving Menu:
Fried turkey, Grandma Phyllis' homemade dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, Christmas Eve rice, collards, Mimi's homemade sourdough bread (which I am grateful to now be making with her "starter"!), assorted fruit arrangement, key lime pie, and pumpkin squares! I'm hungry just thinking about all that yumminess!
Everything was so delicious!

Here's the grump!

Ringing the bell for dinner.

All of Us (minus Delaney - she was napping)

I'm reminding Gracie to share and be sweet.
Jackson is probably wondering why
his Mommy is holding another baby.

We love John!

Post Turkey Stroll &
hoping some fresh air will refresh Gracie.

Playing on the porch.

Sweet hugs for Tuck!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I can't think of any outings much better than going to the beach! I love hearing the waves, smelling the salt air, feeling the sand between my toes, and just relaxing with the people I love.

This was Delaney's 1st time at the was a little too windy for her and the water was a little too cold to dip her tootsie toes in. But if she's anything like her sister and mother...then I know she's going to love it soon enough!

Here we are (with all our stuff for an hour trip).
Feeding the pigeons & seagulls.

Remember this cute guy?
Buddy loves the beach!

And we met these two cuties!
Oh, Newfoundlands....sweet, HUGE, lovable fluffs!
He cracked me up...carrying his own water.

Look at this sweet face!

This is Todd's favorite baby outfit and it's
the same romper Gracie wore to the beach.