Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Wheels

We bought Gracie the most adorable pink tricycle from L.L. Bean!  Hope you enjoy the pictures of her helping her Daddy put it together. 

Guess we're going for the redneck mechanic look.
Check out her belly.

"Do you need this part, Daddy?"

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

She definitely has her Daddy's mechanical mind.  
She's always interested in how things work.

Using Daddy's wrench for some final tweaks.

The new ride!

L.L. Bean

This store is WAY better than the catalog gives it credit.  We have so much fun and always buy so much stuff when we go to the flagship store in Freeport.  The store is always in order and the sales staff is so friendly and helpful.  It really is a pleasure to shop there.  

I think Gracie is saying, 
"PppssstT, Daddy will you buy me that tricycle?"

She is very much into rocks right now.

Funny face during our hotdog picnic.

Dinner with the Barbour's

For years we've heard about Bill Barbour, usually on Sundays - he is Todd's Dad's Nascar betting buddy.  These 2 men place their top 3 picks for Nascar each weekend...last year Bill lost the season and Gracie reaped the reward in savings bonds (Thanks Bill, we appreciate your picks and are hoping for a repeat losing season - just kidding)!   

Well, after all these years, we finally got to meet him and his wonderful wife!  They were on their way back from Boston and stopped off in Portland before heading home to Rockland (near Bar Harbor).  They treated us to a delicious dinner at Street & Co in downtown Portland.  The food was so yummy!  We had calamari and mussels for starters, Todd had halibut, and I had rare seared yellowfin tuna.  Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!!!  Thank you so much Bill and Susan.  We really hope you'll come visit us in Canada and we're looking forward to visiting Rockland and Bar Harbor (either early this summer or in the fall).   


We drove down to Portland/Freeport, Maine this past weekend.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and did lots of shopping.  We checked out the new Cabela's store in Portland - it was quite impressive....kinda like Bass Pro Shops but 5x better (and I don't really like hunting and fishing stuff).  

The store was HUGE.  There was a mini-mountain in the middle with 100+ taxidermy animals displayed throughout the 4 four seasons around the mountain (it was almost like a little zoo for Gracie).  There was also an aquarium in the back and a sea plane suspended from the ceiling with its prop spinning.  Very cool!  

This place has everything outdoors - from hunting, fishing, kayaks, canoes, hiking, camping, etc.  We were there 2 hours - bought a cooler, a few gifts for the hunter in Kelly's family, Todd got a shirt and hat, and Gracie got her own pink camo pop gun.  We think PaPa Paul needs to come up and check this place out...but we're a little afraid that he'd be in there ALL DAY.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Climbing Mt. Coffee Table

Prepping the Garden

The Outsiders

These 2 love being outside!

Gracie always gives Tucker (open mouth) kisses

Don't cha think she kinda looks like -
Tinky Winky! 
The Purple Teletubbie! Ha!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Dance

I always have music on when I'm cleaning the house.  It just puts me in a good mood to sing and dance around (I'm sure Gracie will be totally embarrassed when she's older because I am NOT a good singer or dancer).  

I had been listening to my iPod when I was cleaning the other day while Gracie was napping.  Once she woke up I switched the music on to the speakers and when I went in to get her...she was dancing!   We've been practicing our moves for Shelley's wedding (Todd's cousin) over Memorial Weekend in Charleston.  We're so excited about seeing everyone and so happy for Shelley & John.

Sorry Granddaddy, I think she might like her Mommy's music!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Course Clean-Up

Todd joined Riverside Country Club last fall and is so excited about being a member of the club and can't wait to play golf on a regular basis!   The course is less than a half mile from our house and should be open in a few weeks.  

Honestly, I have to admit I'm a little sad that he'll spend hours and hours on the course this summer....it's been nice having him home in the evenings and on the weekends.  However, I really am happy that he gets to do something that he really enjoys (and is good at it).  

On Saturday, we volunteered to help with the annual spring course clean-up.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and we got to meet some of the other members.  I think Todd met some golfing buddies.  

1st Cart Ride

Clubhouse and view of the river. 
Waiting to ride out to the 7th Hole.

Our group loaded branches and logs onto the tractor.  Really, just Todd helped because Gracie and I were piddling around in between her fussiness (kinda skipped the morning nap).  I did help rake a little here and there when I wasn't holding Gracie. 

Gracie following after the guys.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Chore

It amazes me everyday how much Gracie understands.  She uses a little sign language -  claps her hands for "more" and "waves" for just about everything else - hello, goodbye, milk, and bird but is definitely making the effort to communicate using signs...I just need to be better about using signs more often and working with her to sign back.  

While I know it will take a few more months for her to really start using her own words, she truly understands almost everything we tell her, show her, or ask her do.  She is a very good listener and is very helpful.  She's been giving Tucker his breakfast and dinner for a few weeks now.  I think it is the cutest thing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Lots of important business to do on the Blackberry.

Oops, she dialed someone!

Very serious when they're working!

Time for a break!

Shoe Obsession

How long before she wants a pair of Manolo's?

Love these!!!

Which pair go better with her diaper?
The black or brown?  

Yep, more Easter!

Wow - how long was our Easter Weekend?  You'd think it lasted for weeks with all the pictures and videos (I just thought Gracie's grandparents would enjoy all these)!  This is the last of it, I promise!

What's wrong with chocolate for breakfast?

Eating a real Easter Egg!