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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cow Girl(s)

We had a very fun Halloween...except for Todd being sick. He was a trooper; well, really, he was a lobster catcher per Gracie's request. We really appreciated that he joined us for pictures and trick or treating. It wouldn't have been fun without him.

Surprise, surprise - Gracie wanted to be a Lobster AGAIN...this was her 3rd Halloween being a lobster - yep, 3 out of 4 Halloweens - she's been a lobster...yes, she is her father's child! Gotta love the girl for getting every possible wear out of one costume.

(And I can't seem to get blogger to let me upload any more pictures...guess that happens since I rarely update this thing anymore). Anyways, I've got a few cute pictures of Gracie too...but I'll have to save those for another time when I can get them uploaded!

I couldn't find another lobster costume just like Gracie's for Delaney to wear I tried to get creative and went with the next best thing. I went with a cow for Miss D. (and I'm really proud of myself for sewing her horns & ears headband and cowtail).

Introducing the Surf & Turf Sisters.
Here's sweet D'Belle!

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Friday, October 7, 2011


Miss D is on the move! She took her first steps mid-summer when she would walk behind push toys and move along the side of the furniture. Her very first steps, all on her own, happened on Labor Day with Todd right beside her! I'm so glad she took those first steps when he was home.

Sorry it's taken me so long to share her cute wobbly walk...between remembering to charge the camera battery, to trying to record the video without a cameo from a cute big sister, to hoping the star of the movie would actually cooperate and's been a real task trying to capture these sweet little steps. Nowadays, Delaney definitely prefers to walk versus crawl but she still stumbles when she gets going or if she's been walking too long. I love watching her waddle with her arms out and her wide leg stance. She's just the cutest!

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Our sweetheart turned one today!
We love you so much Delaney!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Little Gym

Gracie started taking a gymnastics class in February...and it's been a great experience. We've had a few days with some tears and she isn't big on participating in the big group activity at the beginning of class. In her second and third class she got knocked down while the kids were running in their circle and she's never gotten over it. But she has come a long way...she used to sit out with me until after the group time was over and would then join in for the stations. Now, she goes in and sits and watches as all the kids run around. Todd and I wish she wasn't so easily overwhelmed and intimidated by certain situations...but honestly, I'm really proud of her for taking it all in and for not being one of the super wild and crazy kids. We are so impressed with how she listens, waits her turn, and is willing to try new things! She does a pretty mean forward roll (we used to call them summersalts when I was growing up). I think this has been a wonderful experience and hopefully she'll transition easily into preschool and continue to have a love for physical activity and sports.

This was the last day of her spring semester...and we were invited inside the gym to watch the kids show off all the skills they had learned. It was adorable.

They form trains to move from each station.

Here she is not at all digging the group activity.

D loved being inside the gym.
We usually watch from the glass door in the lobby.

D and Ellee

Her best indian chant.

Medal time!

Her teacher Miss Corrine.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Because it's FUN and makes clean-up after a messy meal really easy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This is what content looks like..

Without a doubt!

Happy. Snuggly. Loved!

Mac 'n Cheese

Buy stock in Kraft. My girls eat Mac 'n Cheese at least every other day. Delaney is following in her sister's footsteps. This girl LOVES mac 'n cheese.

1st Dance Class

Gracie has been going to The Little Gym since February. She usually attends an hour gymnastics class once a week. I've really enjoyed the program and I think she has too. It's been a good experience for her to be around lots of other kids, to listen to her teachers, to be away from me (while I watch through the windows), to wait her turn, and just play. The gym has a wonderful staff and I think Gracie is really benefiting from all the activity.

One of the other things that is neat about the that when she had to miss a few classes, like when we were away on vacation, she could make them up in another age-appropriate class. We tried a dance class (15 minutes each of tap and ballet and then 30 minutes in the gym) and I think she liked it.

How cute is she in her tutu?

I bought her a pair of tap shoes for future classes but Gracie sat out for the 2nd make-up class. It was a pirate theme and the new teacher was very animated and "in" character which all the other girls seemed to like...Gracie wasn't so sure about it all. Oh well...she's easily overwhelmed and cautious. I'm glad she a little more reserved in new situations. I definitely don't want her to be scared and I hope she's trusts me enough to know I only want the best for her.

She does things when she's ready!

1st Teeth

Delaney got her 1st tooth...the bottom left tooth broke through on Memorial Day. Just before she turned 9 months old. Her second tooth is half way in on the bottom right. I haven't been able to get a picture of those new teeth just yet but she's already taken really good care of them!

I'm gonna miss that gummy smile!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Squeaky Clean

Little Baker

Gracie still loves to bake...and she finally sampled the goods! I was beginning to wonder whose kid she was because I ALWAYS have to swipe a few licks of the batter. I hope she'll always want to help me in the kitchen.

This was taken the end of May before her haircut in June.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

D Crawling

Delaney is on the move!!! She started crawling in May - around 9.5 months old - my apologies to her and y'all for just now posting this adorable video!

She has a unique way of getting around...she crawls on her left knee and pushes off with her right foot.

She is so cute, so happy, and we could not be more proud or more in love with her!!!

1st Swimming Lessons

Gracie had her first swimming lessons in May & June. Going into the 1st class,
I told Todd that I didn't have huge expectations for this round of lessons; I just wanted Gracie to feel comfortable getting in the water with the instructor and that she was willing to try the skills. Her teacher, Ashley, was really nice and incredibly patient; she also had the sweetest voice. Gracie surprised us and did really well in two of her four classes...she walked down the ramp and into the pool all by herself while Todd and I watched from right along the side. She was a very good listener and tried everything her teacher asked her do. We were so proud of her!

Well, that was until her third lesson...but to her credit, there was a wild boy in her class that wasn't listening and he was splashing around like a crazy person. I know you're probably thinking...SPLASHING, hello? It's a pool...and OK...I get's a pool - but really...he didn't have to splash that much during a wasn't freeplay, people. This was the lesson for VERY beginners. His mother made a futile attempt to get him to stop, sit quietly and wait for his turn with the instructor...however, when he continued to splash like a maniac...his mom gave up and sat off to the side TEXTING. Uh, really? Nice parenting!!! Give me a break. The teacher couldn't get him to stop either...and that bothered me. I taught lessons during the summers while I was in college and I always did my best to keep control of my class. Bottom line, that kid pissed me off! He made Gracie not want to get in the water and that later lead to a major tantrum in the parking lot...and I'm not ok with her full-on, screaming at the top of her lungs tantrums that last for 30+ minutes. So when it was time for the 4th lesson...she didn't want to go and I didn't push it because I didn't want a repeat of the fiasco from the 3rd lesson.

WOW - that was a LONG story. Do ya think I'm a little bitter about that kid and her 1st lesson experience? Yes, but...I'll get over it and hopefully she will too. Now, on to the pictures from her very 1st lesson:

Here's what D thought about it!

I can't wait for the day that G & D love to swim!

Happy Birthday Ellee!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Brooke's Bachelorette in NOLA

The end of April I flew to New Orleans for Brooke's Bachelorette Weekend. Brooke's sister, Blaine, planned a fabulous trip. I was a little worried about leaving Miss Delaney...only because she wouldn't take a bottle...but she survived on baby food, lots of yogurt, water from a medicine dropper (at the time, that little stinker wouldn't drink out of a sippy cup either), and lots of love and attention from her Daddy, grandparents, and her big sister!

I had so much fun that was my first weekend away...without Todd or the girls in over 4 years. Crazy! I definitely missed my family but it was kinda nice to be by myself ~ I got to know Brooke better, the other girls were so much fun, and exploring New Orleans was wonderful. NOLA really is beautiful. I wish I could have spent time on Magazine St. with all the shops and restaurants, or wondered around the gardens, or seen the famous cemeteries, and I wish I would have taken more pictures! I big thank you to Brian, Todd's BFF, for driving over from Baton Rouge - he was our taxi driver on Saturday afternoon...we got to see the lower 9th ward, drove down Magazine St., went around the locked cemetery, and saw more of NOLA's beautiful homes and architecture. I loved seeing all the beads hanging from the telephone wires from past parades. NOLA is a fun and absolutely beautiful city!

We had a blast on Bourbon (day and night), checked out the French Market, ate beignets, wore beads, drank hurricanes and hand grenades, had a yummy southern dinner, and just enjoyed our time there and together.

Brooke & Brienne

The Bachelorette

Blaine & Brooke

Late night pizza after LOTS of drinks.

Todd's BFF Brian drove over from Baton Rouge.