Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Gracie held an umbrella for the 1st time today. She thought it was the greatest thing. She must have walked up and down our driveway and through the puddles 25 times. When her hands got cold enough she was finally ready to come inside...otherwise, we'd probably still be out there.

I think she's gonna like the "April Showers" and I'm certainly ready for "May Flowers"!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day at our Canadian Beach!

Big Girl Bed

On Thursday, Feb. 18th (a few days after the "climbing out of the crib" incident)...I decided it was time for Gracie to have her BIG Girl Bed!!! I made a big production out of it and she "helped" me convert the crib by taking a few bolts out and pulling the front railing off.

She immediately fell in love with her Big Girl Bed...she hopped right up all by herself and enjoyed jumping from side to side. I really think she likes being able to get in and out all on her own. When we ask her to tell us what her bed is she says, "Big Gurl Bed!"

The first nap was perfect!!! We read a few stories, and to my surprise when we read the last book, she laid down and fell asleep within a few minutes. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. And it turned out it was a one time thing... just too good to actually be true every time!

The transition has gone really well but she doesn't like going to sleep. Going to bed at night is the real struggle (she's just a night owl) and every nap after the first one...has brought many tears!

Call me inconsistent, and I know I said I didn't want to be, but this is a big time of change for our family with our move back to the States. With Todd traveling, I've let her sleep with me at night - I'm just not up for the fight and I don't want her to roll out of bed (I haven't bought the mesh rail yet because there aren't many choices in Canada). Wouldn't it be an awful feeling to be scared of going to sleep because you're afraid of hurting yourself in your own bed?

We tried one night to have her sleep at night in her bed. We did our usual routine but she still had to cry herself to sleep. She stayed in her bed for several hours...but when I checked on her at 11:30 pm (during one of my multiple trips to the bathroom at night) she was sleeping on the floor!

She takes all of her naps in her own bed but still cries each time for about 15-20 minutes and then she settles down and falls asleep.

What amazes me the most is that while she could very easily get out of her bed when she's upset and come out of her room....she doesn't....she screams and cries and jumps up and down but she stays in her bed...which I think is a big deal!!! We are very proud of her and find it so hard to believe that our baby is turning into a little girl!!!

The BIG GIRL Daybed

1st Nap

Saturday's nap -
Asleep in the corner after being very upset
about having to take her nap!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Valentine

Our little sweetheart got a
special Valentine's from
Ellee & Grape (Todd's parents).

The Dora stickers were a HUGE hit &
were a beautiful addition to our
guest bed comforter
(maybe she's a future interior designer).

She would point to the sticker she wanted
and would say, "Dis one next!"
Thank you Ellee & Grape!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sleepy Heads

Two of my favorite people were absolutely exhausted...Here's one up close...and can you see the other on the floor?

Yep, Miss Grace fell asleep during her time out.

I decided not to move her and after a little while...I slipped a pillow under her head and she slept for 2 hours! A nap is a nap no matter where it is!!!

Watching the Olympics

The Olympic Torch was carried through our town in January and I really wanted to go see it but it was so cold and I wasn't sure where to we didn't see it...and then I found out from our neighbors...that it came right past the lane to our house on its way to uptownb Saint John! I am so bummed we missed it!

A little aside...Gracie was born in Canada so she has dual citizenship - which we love. We were asking her a few weeks back if she was Canadian and I taught her to say, "No...dual, Daddy!" So anytime you ask her if she's Canadian - she'll tell you she's DUAL!!!

Go USA and Go Canada!

The rest of the night...

First, thank you to everyone for your support and kind words after hearing about the night I had with Gracie at the beginning of the week...It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who struggles and has major frustrations with being a parent at times and it's so good hear similar stories!!! So thank you!!!

After I finished the post - all was quiet in the house for about 15 9:30 pm she was fussing again and at around 10 pm I heard her whining for "Night Night" (her blanket). I'm thinking to myself, "You've got to be kidding...she's been upset, crying, screaming, whining - off and on for 5 hours! Seriously, GIVE IT UP KID!!!" So I got up...walked into her room and found her STANDING in the middle of the floor. She completely climbed out of her crib...she didn't fall because I didn't hear a thud and she wasn't crying...just fussing.

So at that point, I had, had it!!! I broke down crying...called my parents to tell them what she had done...I was exhausted and drained and couldn't stop crying...which with my cold turned into a coughing fit and then I was throwing poor parents and Gracie...having to listen to me so upset and sick. I feel terrible about that! So finally my mom said,

"Sometimes, you just have to give in."

And that's what I did. I finally settled down and got her comfy in our bed and we went to bed together at 11 pm. UGH!

I didn't fight bedtime the next several nights...we both needed to recover...and I let her sleep in our bed. Since then we've both caught up on our sleep and I'm attempting again to get her nap and bedtime routine on track in her BIG GIRL BED - YEP, you climb out of your crib and you get a big girl bed instead.

Wish us luck on this transition and getting into a better routine with better sleep for everyone!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A TOUGH Night...Need to Vent

i usually post the cute and happy moments of our life but tonight i'm laying it all out there (mostly because i just need to get it off my chest and to share with katie c.).

this started as an email to my mom and todd's mom but i decided to copy/paste and add to it on here.


i think gracie's trying to give up her naps but clearly she's not ready because when she tries, and when i let her (which lately is everyday), she ends up inconsolable and exhausted...and usually takes a late nap (4'ish until 5:30-6) and then bedtime is 9:30 or later!!!

here is the recount of my night tonight(and if you didn't know...i'm 11 weeks pregnant, on day 6 of an awful cold, gracie has a runny nose, and todd is very busy with work).

gracie had a cat nap on the way to/from the airport (about 20-30 minutes)....woke up before we got home...lost it when i took her inside to take her coat off...tried to settle her...used time out...settled down...she had a little dinner and watched dora....when dora was over she didn't know what she wanted to watch next and lost it...tried consoling...ended up in time out x4...finally settled...went in to read stories...went well until it was time for bed...put g down at 7 - she had to cry it out...asleep for 30 minutes or so...woke up crying...i let her cry it out again...then up again at 8....heard the binky drop, went in to get it and she was SITTING ON TOP OF the little chest of drawers next to her crib/door...little booger crawled on top of the pile of animals in her crib and climbed out. thank god she didn't fall - i think she's smart enough to be a little cautious - determined but cautious!!!! picked her up...held her ...gave her some water...took everything out of the crib except her pillow, callie, night nights, teddy bear...moved the chest...put her back to bed...tried sitting next to her bed...she tried climbing out...repeatedly laid her back down and sat near her...gave up on sitting near her and i moved to just outside of her door...lots of crying and lots of times laying her back down...finally at 9 she's quiet but still awake!

i'm going to have a BIG bowl of ice cream since i can't drink and then i'm going to bed!!!!! I'M DONE!

i know i need to be more consistent and strict with a nap/bedtime schedule...we have a routine but i've obviously been too flexible!!! i need your advice and support!!!! PLEASE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From One to Two

Our sweet baby girl turned two!!!
We love you Gracyn McKenzie!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh thank goodness for educational television and videos. Not only does it give me a little time during the day to get a few things done, I seriously believe that Gracie learns by watching! Todd and I continue to work with her and reinforce the things her favorite characters say and do on her shows.

Dora seems to be one of her favorites right now. This particular part of the show is about counting. For some reason she thinks the word "trapped" is hilarious and giggles every time the butterfly says she was trapped as a caterpillar by the evil king. Gracie loves to count along with Dora as they count the cocoons to find the green crystal.

Here's our smarty pants (not even 2 years old yet)! We are so very proud of her!

She also loves eating ice cream!