Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleepy Head

Miss Grace woke up this morning at 5:45 - ugh! She wakes up around this time every morning but will usually fall back asleep if I rock her or (depending on how tired I am) bring her back into bed with us.

Well, this morning I was tired so she came into bed with us but she didn't want to go back to sleep. What??? That's not the plan! (Big Sigh!) Luckily for all of my blog fans out there - I decided to add a new post since I wasn't going to be getting more sleep.

So, like any good parent, I turned on morning cartoons and we snuggled in bed while she drank her morning bottle and I worked on the blog. After a little while we both ventured out of bed and into the family room. She played around for a little while, ate some Cheerios (or 'Rios as we call them) and then settled down in her chair to watch one of her Elmo movies. When I looked over at her - this is what I saw...

Guess she was still sleepy after all!

There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.
Wouldn't you agree?


Bev said...

We just looked at all the new posts on your blog!! We loved the video of Gracie finding all of her books...she is sooo smart!!
We love and miss you all very much!

Lots of love,
BeBe, PaPa, Jeff, and Brooke

Ashlee said...

How cute is that! I love a sleeping baby too!

Can't wait to see ya'll!

Love and miss you!