Monday, August 24, 2009

Spice Girl

Here's Baby Spice.

This child is forever pulling things out of drawers...whether it's the tupperware cabinet or the desk junk drawer or the DVD basket or my makeup and hair things from the bathroom cabinets. She loves exploring around the house (and I don't mind - I just clean from one mess to the next). The drawer of choice these days is the spices! And she's quite good at twisting the caps off and pouring or shaking the spices into one of the pots she's pulled out of the pot drawer. She's our own Emril - "kick it up a notch" G!

Todd has called her "Pepper" from day 1!
She has lived up to her nickname
(which is what my Grandpa Jack called my Mom).


Bev said...

I love it that Todd is calling Gracie "Pepper!" That is what my dad called me!! Maybe she is going to be the next Food Network Star!
Lots of love,

Jennifer said...

Maybe it is time to start saving for cooking school! What a doll :)