Thursday, August 26, 2010


Gracie has started to enjoy dress-up. I'll find her pulling things out of her closet or walking into the room with something "special" on that she's picked out herself. Lately, she likes hats, shoes (no pictures, sorry), and Halloween costumes!

I love this floppy flower hat (and she does too)!

Lobster for snack time.
Oh yes....I absolutely encouraged her wear her lobster costume to Wal-Mart. I wanted her to fit in with all the other lovely outfits you see in that fine establishment. Wonder if we made it on to the website - People of Wal-Mart ???

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Anonymous said...

My daughter was talking to me the other day and told me that her favorite part of her childhood was playing dress up with her best friend. I would always walk into my bedroom to find them covered from head to toe in make up and lipstick and stumbling around in mixmatched heels. I have so many pictures of her that I always pull out a new one to embarress her everytime a new boyfriend comes over for the first time.