Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shift Change

Thank goodness for Moms!!! I cannot tell y'all how grateful I am to my mom (BeBe) and Todd's mom (Ellee) for helping us. My mom was here the day before Delaney was born and stayed until Sept 15th. Todd's mom was here the day Delaney was born and returned on the 15th and will be with us until Oct. 1st. That's right!!! I've had a solid month of HELP!!! YAY!

I don't know what I would have done without them...they are both wonderful in loving and playing with Gracie and I absolutely believe their attention to her is the reason she has not shown any jealously toward Delaney. (I'll let you know if that's still the case after "The Help" is gone). They both cooked us delicious meals, cleaned, and did loads of laundry. Not mention, loved on their newest granddaughter! It's just been so great having them here!

This was "shift change" at Reagan National Airport on Sept 15th! It could not have been planned any better. My Mom was flying out at 11:45 so we arrived at the airport around 10. We visited for a little bit and said our tearful goodbyes. We watched her go through security and then headed to the potty (yep, Gracie is POTTY TRAINED - WooHoo! More on that later). Then we sat and watched the planes taxi in, land and take off while we waited for Ellee's plane to arrive. Ellee landed at 10:45 - so that was a perfect change of grandmother shift.

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