Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Miss D!

6 months old...already!

Little Bed Bug

Delaney is a happy, smiley, sweet, giggly girl!
And we love her so very much!

Here's what she's up to these days...

  • her family
  • the tubby
  • Sophie Giraffe
  • her Pink Night-Night Blanket
  • being outside and stroller rides
  • being picked up in the am & after her naps
  • gadgets - the remote, Daddy's iPod, & phones
  • putting everything in her mouth

  • her carseat
  • the jumper
  • getting her diaper changed
  • rice cereal
  • her binky
  • naps
  • bedtime stories


  • sleeping through the night
  • when Mommy is not at home
  • bottles
  • putting on long sleeve jammies or shirts

Wears a size 2 diaper & 6-9 month clothes.
She's up at 7 am every morning.
Takes 3-4 good naps a day.
Goes to sleep easily for naps & after her evening bath with her binky & pink night-night blanket by her face.
Wakes at night - usually 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 4am'ish.
Rolls over from her belly to her back.
Sits up but needs a little support.


BeBe and PaPa said...


You are absolutely precious, and we love you very, very much!

Lots of love,
BeBe and PaPa XXOO

Ashlee said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday! You are getting so big - I can't believe I haven't even met you yet! But I will soon! I know Sullivan and Campbell can't wait to see you and Gracie!

carrie said...

oh Kelly those pictures are just beautiful. How blessed you are. I am in the middle of writing my new blog post for Rowan but you do yours so well I have to come back and check for inspiration:)