Friday, October 7, 2011


Miss D is on the move! She took her first steps mid-summer when she would walk behind push toys and move along the side of the furniture. Her very first steps, all on her own, happened on Labor Day with Todd right beside her! I'm so glad she took those first steps when he was home.

Sorry it's taken me so long to share her cute wobbly walk...between remembering to charge the camera battery, to trying to record the video without a cameo from a cute big sister, to hoping the star of the movie would actually cooperate and's been a real task trying to capture these sweet little steps. Nowadays, Delaney definitely prefers to walk versus crawl but she still stumbles when she gets going or if she's been walking too long. I love watching her waddle with her arms out and her wide leg stance. She's just the cutest!

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Lisa said...

Oh so precious!! And how adorable is her outfit! She is just too cute, Kell!