Thursday, September 4, 2008

Buddy, Baby, a Bow & Babbling

Gracie is feeling a little better today after her shots from yesterday.  Poor girl has big red knots on both of her hips where she got the shots.  :-(

Tucker (our Buddy) and Gracie in the backyard.

It's kind of ridiculous but I've been waiting and waiting to put a bow in her hair!   I know I'm silly for doing it, but I think she's so cute with it on the top of her head.  Don't worry, I won't put a bow in her hair again until she really has hair!  I just thought you'd get a giggle like I did.

Do you think she'll be mad at me when she grows up?  Wonder if she'll say...."why in the world did you put that bow in the little bit of hair I had?"

Cute video clip:

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Katie said...

Gracie is SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE! Thanks so much for the idea for a new blog layout! I love that website and all of the different page ideas! Cute! Hope you are all doing well! Gracie is doing so much right now! Adorable!