Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Close Crawl?

I think our world is about to change!!!  Miss Gracie will be crawling soon.  She is getting very confident with going from sitting to leaning down onto her hands and moving her legs behind her.  She usually ends up on her belly and is much better about hanging out on her tummy without getting too upset.  I think with just a little more practice she's going to be on the move very soon. 
Are we ready for this???  I guess we don't really have a choice.  It's so bittersweet watching our little baby grow up right before our eyes.  


Katie said...

HOW EXCITING!! Crawling will certainly change everything! She'll figure it out before you know you get to figure out how to keep up with her!!

PS -- How did you change your background??

Mom said...

Too cute! We can't believe she is really trying to won't be long and she will be on the move! Keep taking those videos - we love them! Miss and love you all very much!