Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mommy's Helper?

I was making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen ... then I heard little hands patting on something ... when I turned around, what did I see?  

Gracie had crawled over, pulled herself up on her own, was leaning forward holding herself up & patting on the dishwasher door.

Here she is exploring and discovering ...

She figured out how to climb into the dishwasher all by herself.  She started by lifting one leg up, sat and then pulled up her other leg up and was then sitting in the middle of the door ... totally by herself!  She was very busy and concentrated on pulling all of her spoons out of the basket.  She is an independent, smart, and determined girl!

And here's the video:
She is very good at standing up now but is not interested in holding my fingers and walking - which is fine with me!  I hope she stays a baby a little while longer. 


BeBe and PaPa said...

We loved watching "Mommy's Helper!" She is doing more and more everyday - we know she is keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes!! It is so hard to believe that she is able to pull herself up and be so steady on her feet! She will definitely be off and walking and...running very soon!!
We love and miss you all very much!
BeBe and PaPa XXOO

Ashlee said...

That is too funny! She is getting so big and doing all sorts of "big girl" things. I can't wait to see her and squeeze on those chubber legs! How cute!

Lauren Mitchusson said...

This video actually made me laugh-out-loud! SOOO adorable! I can't believe how big she is getting! I can't wait to see her again! Miss you both!