Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Short Cut???

Why post this picture??? 

And this picture???

And this picture?

Because Miss Gracie decided that instead of crawling ALL THE WAY AROUND the couch or chair that she'd rather take a short cut and "try" to crawl through the small opening instead.

And how did that work out for her???

She got stuck and was very upset!  Good thing Daddy was right there to rescue her.   Where will she end up next?


BeBe and PaPa said...

What are you doing?? Secret passageways are always fun to explore...Just think, it won't be long until you are walking, running, and climbing around the couches! You are too, too funny! We are so glad that Daddy was right there to rescue you!
Miss and love you very much!
BeBe and PaPa XXOO

Jennifer said...

Hey Kelly! Your Blog is fantastic and I have had a great time looking through it! I am going to add it to my favorites and put it on my blog rounds! Your Gracie is precious---what an angel! All the best...Jennifer (Amsler) Talbert