Thursday, January 28, 2010

John to the Rescue

Last Wednesday it snowed all day! We got about a foot and, for some reason, our snowplow contractor didn't come by to plow our long driveway. I called Todd that evening before he left work to tell him I was a little concerned that he wouldn't be able to drive into the garage because of the accumulation from the day and the drifts from the wind. I asked him if he wanted me to call to have the plow come by and he said not to - that worst case scenario, he'd park on the lane to our house and walk down.

Well...I should have known! Boys will be boys!!!

I was giving Gracie a bath when Todd walked through the garage door and had snow all over pants. He said, "well, I got stuck!" To which I responded, "What?". He said he wanted to see how far he could get the car down the drive...ugh, really!!! So then he said, "I'm going to go shovel". And I'm thinking, yeah right - good luck with that! Our driveway is really long and it would take him hours to shovel all that snow. Oh well, I thought, serves him right for "trying" to drive through more than a foot of snow.

Before Todd got all his snow gear on...our wonderful neighbor and friend, John, saw that Todd got stuck! Without us even asking, he was already in our driveway with his tractor and snow blower plowing us out!!! YAY!!! And since boys have to be boys...Todd had to give the tractor a try.

Todd looks the part with his work shirt half tucked!

A cold beer and heavy machinery!

Bundled up after her bath to check out the tractor!

All in a hard day's work!


Jodie said...

I love the beer and tractor shot! Classic!!

Bev said...

We love the picture of Todd sipping the cold beer on the tractor after a tough day at the office and plowing his driveway!! That was classic!

Jennifer said...

Cold beer, on a tractor, during a blizzard---I LOVE IT!

Sally said...

Looks like a Good Ole Clemson Boy on that John Deer!!