Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh thank goodness for educational television and videos. Not only does it give me a little time during the day to get a few things done, I seriously believe that Gracie learns by watching! Todd and I continue to work with her and reinforce the things her favorite characters say and do on her shows.

Dora seems to be one of her favorites right now. This particular part of the show is about counting. For some reason she thinks the word "trapped" is hilarious and giggles every time the butterfly says she was trapped as a caterpillar by the evil king. Gracie loves to count along with Dora as they count the cocoons to find the green crystal.

Here's our smarty pants (not even 2 years old yet)! We are so very proud of her!

She also loves eating ice cream!


Bev said...

Yeah for Gracie!! She is so smart...counting to 12 and only 2 years old!!
We love you Gracie!!
BeBe and PaPa XXOO

Anonymous said...

Love it! So happy to see a new post tonight. Terrible meeting at work - Gracie was just what I needed to see! Such a sweet, smart little girl! Now on for a glass of wine...

Whitlocks said...

Hi Kelly. This is Lori Brooks sister Katie. I don't know if you remember me but I was at BA when you guys were. Anyway, I saw you comment on Lori's blog a couple months ago and decided to check out your blog. My little boy is about a week older than Gracie and loves watching the videos you post especially the slide and elmo! Just wanted to say hi and that we enjoy your blog.

Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

Oh she is so smart Kelly! So CUTE too! Is she always this well behaved and able to entertain herself? If so I am jealous! Gabby loves Yo Gabba Gabba. You can only take so much of that on a daily basis!

Jennifer said...

I think you might have a scholarship student to Clemson on your hands!