Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom

I love my mom more than she will EVER know.

She has cared for me,
taught me,
guided me,
supported me,
comforted me,
laughed with me,
unconditionally loved me
and has made me...ME!

She is my best friend and is the mother I want to be!

I love you, Mom!


I love Todd's mom more than she will EVER know!

She has raised an amazing son,
is a wonderful mother-in-law,
and is an amazing grandmother!

Lee -
Thank you for Todd,
for accepting me into your family,
for loving, supporting, and helping us,
and for loving Gracie and Pickle as much as you do!

I love you, Lee!


Tucker is my 1st baby and my buddy.
I love Tucker more than he will EVER know!

He has always been there for me,
licks me,
comforts me,
snuggles with me,
walks with me,
goes for car rides with me,
eats ice cream with me,
and unconditionally loves me!

I love you, Tucker!

And on Sat, February 9th, 2008 at 4:46 a.m.
I became a Mom.
Gracyn McKenzie

"Until I was a mother, I never truly understood the miracle of how a hand could be so tiny and how a cheek could feel so soft to my kisses...and how a little head could smell so good and feel so warm against my face. Until I was a mother, I never truly realized that a tiny baby could fill my heart with so much love." ~ quote by Lee Franklin


I love Gracie more than she will EVER know!

She has changed me,
needs me,
teaches me,
challenges me,
laughs with me,
inspires me,
loves me,
and makes me want to be the best me I can be!

I love you, Gracie!


I love Pickle more than he or she will EVER know!

Pickle makes me happy,
makes me big,
makes me tired,
makes me pee,
makes me anxious,
makes me wonder,
makes me wish,
makes me realize how fortunate I really am.

I love you, Pickle!

I love being a Mommy
and I love our Moms!!!

~ Happy Mother's Day ~


AIM said...

What an awesome tribute ...
Happy Mother's Day, my wonderful friend.

Bev said...

Happy Mother's Day Kelly!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being that special daughter that every mom dreams about! You are an awesome daughter, my best friend, and a wonderful "mommy!" Gracie and "Pickle" are very, very lucky to have you for their mom!
The video was wonderful...I agree with you, I want to read her book!
I love you very much!
All my love,


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet. ~Katie

Lori said...

AWWWEEEE! So sweet. The "Pickle" part (especially the "makes me pee" part) made me laugh!

Happy Mother's Day Kelly!!!

Alyson said...

great post!