Monday, July 12, 2010


Grape,Todd's Dad, was so sweet...he found this doughnut baking pan with recipe included while he was in Charlotte and thought it would be a fun little project for him and Ellee, Todd's Mom, to make with Gracie while they were here.

Getting Started.

Food Network's Next Star!

Realizing that MAYBE we didn't
have all of the right ingredients!
Cake mix is NOT the same as cake flour &
baking soda is NOT the same as baking powder!
Oh Well - let's see what happens!

Not quite like the picture and not too tasty.

Gracie didn't care!
She had a BLAST mixing everything up and
shaking and eating all the sprinkles!
So...while the doughnuts turned out to be doughNOTs!
They still had so much fun "baking" together!

Next time we'll just make a run up to Krispy Kreme!
HOT Doughnuts NOW, anyone?

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