Friday, November 5, 2010

Sock It To Me

Delaney was in that newborn baby coma for the first 3 weeks or so...during that time she was so easy going and I thought she was a dream baby. She would eat and sleep and that's about it! She liked to be swaddled and just went with the flow.

Well, weeks 3-6 were a little different. She went through a very fussy phase each would start around 6'ish and continue off & on until midnight. So I stopped drinking milk and Coke Zero and, wait for it...I even gave up chocolate (which I've started eating again - darn Halloween candy) in hopes it would help ease her fussiness. I'm still off milk and Coke, which I'm really proud of, but the verdict is still out on whether or not it has helped or if she's getting better sleep during the day and simply outgrowing her fussy time.

So back to why I titled this post Sock It To Me...

I gave up on swaddling Delaney during her fussy bedtime...she seemed to calm down more when her arms were free. Well, in the middle of night when she would wake up to eat...her hands were absolutely ice cold. I didn't want to cover her with a blanket because she's able to wiggly them off and it made me paranoid that she would get it over her face. I also didn't want to turn up the heat in the house because I read that warmer rooms put babies at higher risk for SIDS. My solution for her freezing cold hands at night -


I heard Gracie's nightstand drawer close the other morning (at 8:45 am - that's right, she's been sleeping in - WooHoo) - FYI, I keep her big girl panties and socks in those small drawers.

So much to my surprise when I went in to check her, here's what I found....

She was putting socks on her hands.
I said, "what are doing?"
Gracie said, "I'm putting socks on just like Delaney"!
How cute is that?

It's adorable that she wants to be like her sister...

and soon Delaney will want to be just like Gracie!

Yet another reason why we love our girls!!!


Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

YES! They work so much better than baby mittens too right?! I completely forgot about all of the worries with warm homes, blankets, etc when they are itty bitty. Scary. I never really got into the baby mittens because they would fall off but I'll bet the socks fit more snug and work way better! You are so creative Kelly! Super Momma!

AIM said...

I've totally done this, too! We should patent some baby mittens in the design of socks. Call them "Smittens" or something. : )

Elizabeth said...

That is such a good idea! I have a blanket sack that I use for Anne Eliz - one is made of muslin so it's light weight and probably better suited for the summer, but when it's dipped in the low temperatures I have swaddled her lower half in the blanket, then put the muslin sleep sack over her, which zips up to keep her cozy. But I have noticed that her little hands are freezing!!! I may try the sock idea too. She has never been a huge fan of swaddling unless her hands were free!