Friday, December 17, 2010


I can't think of any outings much better than going to the beach! I love hearing the waves, smelling the salt air, feeling the sand between my toes, and just relaxing with the people I love.

This was Delaney's 1st time at the was a little too windy for her and the water was a little too cold to dip her tootsie toes in. But if she's anything like her sister and mother...then I know she's going to love it soon enough!

Here we are (with all our stuff for an hour trip).
Feeding the pigeons & seagulls.

Remember this cute guy?
Buddy loves the beach!

And we met these two cuties!
Oh, Newfoundlands....sweet, HUGE, lovable fluffs!
He cracked me up...carrying his own water.

Look at this sweet face!

This is Todd's favorite baby outfit and it's
the same romper Gracie wore to the beach.

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Tania said...

Hi Kelly!

It's nice to see you're enjoying your time in the US and being close to your family. I love the pictures and it makes me realize you are so far away from us - we are no where near close to being on the beach, without boots, socks and ski pants this time of year!!! Enjoy!