Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

As usual...and as you well know, I'm behind on my posts! Hopefully this really long post and photo montage will bring you up-to-date; that is...if you want to read it all and watch our holiday packed into an almost 9 minute photo slideshow! I'm forewarning you, it's a long one. There are just too many cute pictures that I wanted to include for the grandparents and for when I want to I go back years from now to remember Delaney's 1st Christmas and Gracie really enjoying the magic of the season!

Christmas Week in Review:
  • Todd was off work for over 2 weeks! YAY for him and us!
  • Katie, Todd's younger sister, flew in from Portland, Oregon. We all metro'ed to Reagan National Airport to pick her up.
  • We had some friends over for dinner.
  • We got our family room furniture and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. Thanks to Jimmy and Miles Talbott Furniture - for making our beautiful and really comfortable couch, chairs and ottoman! We got Shabby Chic designed pieces -the Comfy Sofa upholstered in Sunbrella Trax Wrenn and Dover Chairs upholstered in Sunbrella Wolcott Beige.
  • Went to 3 doctors' appointments. One with our dermatologist - a follow-up for Gracie's atopic dermatitis (eczema) and a skin check for Todd & me. Second appt was for me with our family practice. I was pretty sick (and still have the tail end of a self-diagnosed sinus infection). Third visit was for Delaney with the pediatrician, to check her ears (which were fine) because she had the sniffles too.
  • I really stressed about getting last minute shopping done and worried about all the Christmas details. I wanted everything to be perfect and I really wanted to start establishing Christmas traditions with Gracie this year. Ugh, but WHY did it have to be so stressful? Was it just me? Or is it because I have 2 small children and was sick? Please, tell me I'm not the only one that was stressed this holiday!
  • Todd and I went over to our neighbors for games and cocktails...that was so fun and definitely needed. Our neighbors are wonderful!
  • We stood in line for over 90 minutes on Christmas Eve morning to have our family picture with Santa - nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh!!! In my defense, we tried a few days before but the line closed at 4:30 because Santa went on break from 5 to 6 pm. Really? I really wanted to have Delaney's 1st picture with Santa on her 1st Christmas...so "we" stood in line, really it was just me & D, while Todd entertained Gracie in Pottery Barn Kids and LL Bean! But note to self - NEVER again will we wait until Dec. 24th to see Santa. The girls did really well during the long wait and we got a cute picture.
  • We all enjoyed a new tradition of building and decorating a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve day. Next year I'd like to eat the house after Christmas Eve dinner for dessert.
  • We made sugar cookies and I definitely need to thank Katie for cookie cutting and icing over a 100 of them all. They were delicious!
  • We loved watching Gracie "make" her reindeer food! A mixture of sunflower seeds, cheerios, and green/red/white cookie sprinkles! She was totally focused for 30 minutes whipping up that yummy batch for Rudolf and his friends!
  • Gracie wasn't ready for Polar Express this year. She watched the first 15 minutes or so. Maybe next year...Todd and I love that movie!
  • We opened Christmas Eve Pajammies...which Gracie still doesn't want to wear - oh well!
  • We were more than spoiled with all the wonderful gifts! Gracie was a little overwhelmed with all the gifts but once all the wrapping paper settled, she was asking for more!
  • We had a BIG Christmas Day Buffet - invited our friends and neighbors over. Lots of yummy food! We made too much and ate it for days!
  • Gracie loves all her toys and has been sweet enough to play with Delaney's too since she says, "she's too little".
  • Delaney is so precious and happy....her smile melts my heart and we love her so much.
  • I saw the WWII Memorial with my parents and Delaney. Todd and Gracie played at home.
  • We had filet and lobster tail for New Year's Eve dinner - thanks Dad!
  • A quiet New Year's - asleep before the ball dropped. Life certainly has changed but I wouldn't change it for anything.
  • We really enjoyed spending time with our families. A big thank you to Todd's family and my parents for traveling to see us so that we could enjoy the holidays at HOME with our girls!
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with the ones you love and I wish you all the best in 2011!

New this week:
I've finally decided that Delaney doesn't know how to self-soothe during the night and is unable to fall back asleep on her own. I've rushed in for every fuss or cry to feed her assuming she was hungry and to keep her from waking Gracie and Todd...so naturally she's become dependent on nursing to fall back to sleep - just like I did with Gracie when she was a baby.
So...I've made the difficult decision to start letting Delaney work it out on her own. Notice I didn't say "cry it out"; although that's exactly what she'll have to do. Todd and I hate hearing her cry but we ALL need a good nights sleep so it has to happen.
I guess you can say we've started Boot Camp for the girls this week - working on Delaney's sleeping/self-soothing and no more binkie for Gracie...fun times around here! Wish us luck and any advice or suggestions are appreciated! I'll keep you posted on our progress.


Katie said...

Ah yes...the pacy! How I remember those days! Bowman never took one, so it was much easier for me. I have learned (on more than one occasion) that Porter is definitely an all or nothing child. I had gotten to the point where he could only have it when sleeping or hurt/upset...then one day I was beyond tired of seeing that ridiculous thing sticking out of my 2 and 1/2 year olds mouth (and I had visions of him doing it when he started kindergarten) so Porter and I both said BYE BYE to the pacy and threw them in the trash. Yep. That was it! The first night he was a little fussy, but after that a-ok...his blankie became his new best friend...and remains that way today!

Matt and Taryn said...

I went cold turkey bye bye with the paci. It was the best method for Gabriel. "Weaning" him did nothing, so one day they just disappeared! He did just fine, better than I thought he would do!