Sunday, January 4, 2009


She is still fascinated with the dishwasher.  It can occupy her time for at least 15 minutes.   If she's playing in the family room and hears us putting dishes in - she comes crawling and can't wait to play with her spoons inside.  

Not thumb sucking but teething on a bottle nipple.

Ah huh, yep ... she now STANDS on the dishwasher door.

And REACHES for things on the counter.

Still makes the "O" face.

Sitting back down.


Alyson said...

Too cute-Austin loves the dishwasher too! I love all the little glimpses of your looks beautiful!

Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

Wow Baby! She is already so so busy isn't she!! Gracie is going to be something else in a few months! Gabby is only beginning to do some of these things and it is killing me!!!