Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Favorite Color?

Hmmm, which color?

She giggled and giggled when I said the work pink.  It was too funny.  I guess she was tickled pink!

Concentrating on her 1st art project.  When she's not trying to eat the crayon she is a very good scribbler.  We can't wait for all her works of art.  


BeBe said...

I love Gracie's art work...such attention to detail! I also loved the picture of her working and concentrating with her tongue sticking out...sure does look her daddy!! I cannot wait to frame Gracie's first work of art!!
Lots of love,

Christie said...

She is adorable, Kelly!! I hope y'all had a merry Christmas!

Ashlee said...

love the cow look - what a cute little cute! funny how she likes pink...can't wait to see you guys in feb. miss and love you