Monday, March 23, 2009

Our friend Katie

A few weeks after we moved to Rothesay - we were lucky enough to meet Katie while we shopping at Little Bundles, a baby boutique in town.  Turns out Katie's husband works for Exxon too...such a small world.  We have really loved getting to know Katie and Dave - and we are so grateful for their friendship.  They are both so sweet and have helped us out so much.  They stayed at our house and watched Tucker while we were in SC and have babysat Gracie.  

We're so sad that they are going to be moving to DC in June.  We'll miss them so much!

I truly consider Katie to be a best friend!  She's always smiling, is a great listener and gives good advice, is up for brunch or lunch any day, is a great "chick flick" movie date, and a very stylish dresser (I'm hoping she'll be my stylist when we move back to DC). 

Katie, thank you for being you and for being my friend!!!

We went to brunch at Cora's for Katie Birthday on March 23rd.  Cora's is one of the places I will really miss when we leave Canada.  It is an amazing breakfast, brunch, & lunch place.  They serve amazing fresh fruit with everything.  My favorite is the waffle with custard, strawberries and banana. YUMMY!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Katie!
Gracie is wearing the adorable dress Katie gave her for her 1st Birthday!
How about Tucker peeking his head in at the bottom of the picture!?!

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Katie said...

Such cute photos! Thanks for all the warm praises - right back at 'cha! :)