Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anniversary Evening

Our friend Katie watched Gracie while Todd and I went to Suwanna, a Thai restaurant, for our anniversary dinner. Gracie had so much fun with Katie while we were gone. She played in her little frog pool, hung out on the deck, had mac 'n cheese for dinner, and Katie even gave her a bath! Gracie was just getting out of the bath when we walked in the door - so we got a naked baby welcome home hug! It was too cute. Thank you so much Katie!!!

Katie taught Gracie to make a "silly" face by squeezing her cheeks. Here's Gracie attempting to show us her "silly face"!

Every Thursday night the sailboats race. There must have been 15 boats - so fun to watch and so beautiful!

Not exactly sure what's up with Gracie's face in this picture but I think it's because she's sick thinking about Katie moving away next week.

Another silly face. She must be shocked that her parents have been married for 4 years.

I love my family!

And then we took Tucker for a walk!

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Katie said...

GREAT PICS!! I had fun with Gracie! I am sad I am leaving. :(