Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC

While Gracie and I were home in S.C. we took an overnight trip to Columbia to see a few of my really good friends. We met up at the Riverbanks Zoo and had a wonderful afternoon seeing the animals, riding the carousel, and chatting while wondering around (it is such a great zoo; if you haven't been you definitely should plan a trip).

A big thank you to Katie, my high school friend, who treated us all to free admission with her guest passes. I really think everyone had a great time. It was so fun seeing y'all!

Gracie, me, & Porter

Cutie Patootie Porter (Katie's oldest)

Sweet & Smiley Bowman (Katie's youngest)

Sally & Beautiful Miss Quinn

Could he be any cuter?
Campbell (Ashlee's baby)

Porter & Katie

Sally, Quinn, Gracie, me & Porter
(I quickly realized managing 2 is not as easy as Katie makes it look)

Sally & me

Katie, me, & Sally
Bowman, Porter, Gracie, & Quinn
(I'm so bummed Ashlee & Campbell weren't in the picture with us - there were plenty of people standing around who probably would have taken a picture of ALL of us)

After the zoo, Gracie and I spent the night at Ashlee's. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for spoiling us. Dinner and breakfast were so de-lish and their house is absolutely beautiful.

Again, why didn't I get pictures? Oh well!

The Pittmans will be coming to see us in Canada in August - we can't wait and we'll take tons of pictures then.

Gracie and Campbell on their first dinner date!

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Lori said...

So cute!!! How fun that you got to see Katie and her kiddos. Good thing you all weren't there when the gorilla escaped (last week)! Ahhh!