Friday, September 4, 2009

Off to Old Quebec City

We're going to check another city off our list of places to see while we're in Canada. We're very excited about spending the long weekend in Old Quebec City. We've heard it's like visiting Paris with its beautiful architecture, cobblestone roads, bistros, and French speaking residents. I'm hoping we get to see the street performance by Cirque Du Soleil. There's also a HUGE 25,000 foot warehouse that has been converted to a toy store. And of course, we'll be checking out The Fairmont and hope to grab a casual dinner there on Sunday. Wish y'all were coming with us.

I asked Gracie to help me pack - here's what she decided she wanted to bring!
Think she'll still be as excited (like in the picture above) when she figures out that going bye-bye actually means a long 8 hour road trip?
Wait!!! We don't speak French!
Uh-oh! "Oui"?

Speaking of "Little Bit" (as Todd's Dad calls her)...she's still sleeping this morning - it's almost 8 am! Maybe she's not as excited as we are for our trip. I wish she would sleep in every day!

Hope y'all have a sun-filled, relaxing, & wonderful Labor Weekend!

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