Friday, September 11, 2009

The Pittmans Visit

We had so much fun when my best friend, Ashlee, and her husband, Travis, and their little boy, Campbell (10 months at the time) came to visit us in August. I was honored that they wanted to spend their vacation time visiting us in Canada.

I tried to pack in as much as possible to make their trip as much fun as I could. We went to The Bay of Fundy National Park - had a picnic and stopped at a local lobster shop and picked up 2 huge lobsters for dinner weighing 4.5 and 5.5 lbs each! We got a private little tour of the lobster shop and were "treated" to a fresh, raw scallop just off the boat - the experience was awesome but I'll pass on raw scallops the next time. Our lobster dinner was late because it took an hour to boil them but it was worth the wait because they were delicious. The next day we went to the adorable little town of St. Andrew's (near the Maine border). We strolled around the quant main street and had a nice lunch before boarding The Jolly Breeze Tall Ship to go whale watching. We saw seals and a finback whale. It was an amazing experience. The only downside was Gracie screaming the last hour back to the dock (ugh - that was awful). Sunday, we relaxed at home. We set up the backyard with a little splash park and pool. Lounged in the hammock, swam in the river, and played Bocce Ball. On Monday, we ate breakfast at my favorite restaurant Cora's and then strolled around the shops in uptown Saint John. And Tuesday we made the 3.5 hour drive over the 10 mile Confederate Bridge to Prince Edward Island. The babies were great and it was fun to show them PEI.

It was so great having Ashlee, Travis, and Campbell here. We really hope that they had a good time and will come visit us where ever we end up next! Love you guys!


Ashlee said...

Your slideshow turned out better than mine!!!
Thanks again for opening your home to us - we had such an amazing time - and miss you guys so much!

Can't wait to see you in November!
Love you

Bev said...

We really enjoyed the montage of Ashlee, Travis, and Campbell's visit! Campbell is adorable and growing up so fast! Can't believe that he is almost 1!!
Mom and Dad