Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beaufort Visit


Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to have so much fun when they are around Gracie. We sure do. Nite Nite sure is special. She takes after her Dad who wouldn't go anywhere without his yellow blanket. Great pictures of everyone. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Jennifer said...

It sure looks like it was a fun time had by all! Be sure to let me know the next time you come this way and how to get in touch with you :)

Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful! Gracie is adorable...I always say this I know but this truly is! Her cute haircut is making me want to chop Gabby's so she can be just like Gracie! Jeff would kill me! Hope to catch up soon via email! Merry Christmas!

Bev said...

We sure did enjoy your visit to Beaufort! The montage brought back wonderful memories! We had so much fun...especially the weekend we took care of Gracie! We love and miss you all very much!
BeBe and PaPa