Friday, December 18, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We picked out our beautiful Christmas Tree on Dec. 6th! This was the 1st year that it didn't take us FOREVER to pick out the perfect tree, and by "us" I really mean ME! This is our 5th Christmas together and the last 4 Christmases I have tried Todd's patience with looking at one tree and then another and then another and then another and then going back to the first and repeating the process all over again...bless his heart for putting up with me (I love you Todd!).

What makes for a perfect tree for us? The tree has to be tall (8 feet) and wide with space in between the limbs so that we can tuck in lots of lights and ornaments. I guess we just got lucky this year when we found our tree after only looking for 5 minutes and at just a couple trees. We were probably also able to make our decision quickly because the trees were covered in snow and it was really cold.

Todd's parents gave us "The Elf on the Shelf" last year and we decided that our elf would arrive to "watch Gracie and report back to Santa" when our Christmas Tree was put up. Our elf has yet to be named...hopefully Gracie will give him a good name next year when she better understands the concept. Here Todd is reading her the story of "The Elf on the Shelf". So cute! Ellee and Granddaddy have an elf of their own and from what we hear, Granddaddy enjoys finding the elf in their house each day too! Thanks Ellee and Granddaddy for giving us this fun family tradition!

Multiple attempts for a 2009 Christmas picture!

This is after I asked her to take her binky out!

And the binky goes right back in!!!
And of course she has to have "night night" too!

Trying again to get her to take the binky out,
I asked her to show me her teeth!

Maybe a prop would help -
how about a string of Christmas lights!

Love this shot!

I have never seen her make this face before!
This coy look cracks me up!

This is my favorite!


Bev said...

What adorable'll have to send your favorites to my Walgreen's account! We love your blog...somehow it makes the distance between us seem not that far. Love you all!!
BeBe and PaPa

Ashlee said...

Love all the XMAS shots - what a silly girl...with all those facial expressions! I love the red dress - she looks beautiful!
And her hair is getting so long -
can't wait to see you guys!

Love ya!

Tania said...


I cannot believe how beautiful Gracie is with her big blue eyes. Keep blogging. We don't see you often but it's nice to see your posts!