Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pajammy Photoshoot

Bedtime is FINALLY turning into a routine at our house and has been a lot of fun lately!

Gracie has adjusted really well to her new room, in her new house and LOVES her big girl bed, "Night Night" blanket, and squishy pillow.

A few nights ago I wanted to take a couple pictures of her in her new summertime PJs and she surprised me by actually wanting to have her picture taken...up until now she's been saying, "No pictures!" Well, the other night was a totally different story...she was cheesing for the camera, being silly and wanting more and more pictures taken so that she could see how cute and silly she was being (remember the days when we use to have to wait a week to get our pictures developed to see that only a couple of the 24 actually turned out).

Here's our silly girl "clowning around" in her summer jammies.

Grady Bear has become her bedtime buddy!

Pretending to sleep.

Okay, goodnight G!

1 comment:

BeBe said...

Very, very cute jammy pictures!!
We sure do miss and love you Miss Gracie!!
BeBe and PaPa XXOO