Friday, June 4, 2010

Potty Time

This post may be TMI for most but this is my blog and I want to remember this experience with my little, BIG girl!

I bought Gracie's potty seat/stool a long time ago; I think she was 15 months or so. I wanted her to just play with it and get "comfortable" with it being around. After a week or so, she started to go tinkle on the potty just before bath time...and I was thrilled that she was starting to understand the concept. I didn't attempt potty training boot camp or potty training in 3 days - we just kinda randomly started, not very consistently, and have been taking it day by day since - some days with great success and some days in diapers all day.

And wouldn't you know it - Gracie really figured it using the potty during our move...a time when I thought - NO WAY am I attempting potty training during our 10 week transition from Canada to Virginia! I guess having no expectations is a good pressure and you're never disappointed just thrilled when it happens!

While we were in Florida for my mom's spring break I was letting her run around naked after being in the shower with me and I told her, "Do NOT pee pee on the floor...if you need to pee pee, you need to tell Mommy so that you can go on the big potty!" Well, she peed on the carpet at my grandmother's twice...UGH (sorry for that)!!! So I gently reminded her that "WE do NOT pee on the floor; pee goes in the potty!" And I really think she understood because after those 2 accidents she's only had about 3 little tinkle accidents since being in our new house - and I can deal with that!

So typically, if we have nothing planned for the day or if we're having a lazy morning...I let her run around with no diaper on. She seems to be very aware of when she needs to pee when she has nothing on! We did go out and buy some Big Girl panties while we were in Beaufort - Dora and Minnie Mouse panties to be exact...and she was very excited about them...but I think she's not quite ready for those because she does have accidents when she's wearing them (which I know is totally normal). She just seems to do so much better when she has no diaper or panties if you ever happen to stop by our house in the morning you're likely so see Gracie with just a pajammy top on and nothing else!

While we were in Beaufort she also learned how to go poopy on the potty...and I could not be more proud of her and thrilled for myself! It happened on accident, really. She was running around naked after our morning shower and while I was putting on my make-up I noticed she was starting to strain a I quickly picked her up and said, "Yay, let's poopy on the potty" and as I was setting her down - out it came. I made a HUGE production out of how great it was that she just did that...and she got to pick out 2 stickers!!! Same thing happened the next morning and then she got it and now she tells me when she needs to go! YAY for both of us! And I'm beyond happy that she only went #2 in the small training potty a few times - that thing is no fun to clean...but now, constantly goes on the big potty! Woohoo for poopoo!

She still wears a diaper when we're out of the house, playing outside, and at night. I'm not quite ready to tackle public restrooms (although, I did buy a foldable, washable, cushy seat to put in my purse when I am ready to give it go).

So we're taking it day by day, letting her run around naked, frequently asking if she needs to potty, reading books while we wait for the poopies to come out, giving one sticker for tinkles and two stickers for poopies, special foamy soap to wash her hands, lots of praise, hugs and high 5s when she does go - that's what's working for us!

Here are some pictures from when we really started our potty training (in Beaufort)! I'm sure when she's older that she'll LOVE that I posted these but they are too cute not to share...and we really are very proud of our little, big girl!!!


Lori said...

Hooray for Gracie!!! And Mommy and Daddy!!!! You should get stickers too!

Katie said...

SO exciting! I have to admit potty-training was probably my least favorite part of parenthood...but keep at it!! Of course, she may decide to revert once Baby Lee arrives (a lot of kids do) but remember she'll continue to do things on her own time! GOOD LUCK!!

BeBe said...

We are soooo proud of you!! You are such a big girl!! We love and miss you very, very much!
Lots of love,
BeBe and PaPa XXOO