Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleep Over at Campbell's

Gracie and I stopped off in Chapin to spend the night with The Pittmans before we officially moved to Alexandria. It took me soooo long to pack our car that we didn't get in until 7 pm. And I didn't even pack the car top carrier very well, Travis had to fix it in the pouring rain! Thanks for that Travis! Ashlee made Buffalo Chicken Dip and a yummy salad and we had Papa John's - I was so excited...I hadn't had Papa's since we moved back from Canada! It was a perfect evening spent with good friends...I just wish I would have had more time with them. Thanks for hosting us for the night!

Campbell was so sweet to Tucker...sharing his Daddy's chapstick and giving him some "treats" out of the pantry. Tucker was obsessed with watching their cat, Miss Mama!

How cute is the Campbell sign in the background!
Where did you get it from Ashlee?

Their 1st morning date.

Gracie's making the 1st move!
but Campbell is an old-fashion guy...
he doesn't like girls who are too forward!
It was my fault for encouraging a goodbye kiss;
I should be teaching her to play hard to get!

We can't wait for Ashlee, Travis, and Campbell
to come visit us in DC!

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