Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Games & Giggles

I drove Todd's dad back down to Bangor today for his flight home - we were all sad to see him leave and so thankful for the yummy meals he cooked and all projects he did around the house.
(Check out the post below to see pictures from when they arrived).

Ellee (Todd's mom) stayed at home with Gracie and they "played and played all day"! Ellee said they had a great day and that Gracie was really good! I'm so glad they got to spend special one-on-one time together. Not too long after I was home, I heard some music and "whoas" and lots and lots of giggling coming from the new (almost finished) playroom. No wonder Ellee went to bed exhausted at 9 pm. Here's a little peak at their day together!

Thanks Ellee for watching, playing and loving on Gracie all day!


Bev said...

That was very, very cute!! I can see why Lee was tired at the end of the day...but, I know she enjoyed every minute playing with Gracie!!

Anonymous said...

So funny - no wonder Mom is so tired!

Ashlee said...

campbell has one of those silly little things too...what crazy madness! but fun!
glad to see ya'll are having such a wonderful visit!
can't wait to see you
love ya