Monday, October 5, 2009

Ough Noooo!

Our "Little Bit", as Todd's dad calls her, is sick. She didn't sleep well Saturday night and had a really rough day on Sunday. She had us worried because she refused to eat or drink anything after mid-morning on Sunday. By Sunday evening she was miserable; crying and hadn't had a wet diaper since the morning. Poor Baby!!! She finally fell asleep on Todd around 8 pm. We put her in her crib around 9 and she slept until 2 am. I was glad she woke up because I forced some tylenol and finally got her to take some sprite out of a medicine dropper....after a while she was signing and asking for "more"! YAY!!! She ended up drinking 8 oz of sprite and I was so relieved! She really perked up....I'm sure she was dehydrated! Poor Baby! She's doing much better today....still has a low-grade fever, runny nose and cough but has been eating and drinking and is talkative and playful!

She had a blast this morning playing with Todd's coffee beans (which are now HER beans because she coughed all over them - you'll see in the video). I was so happy to see her playful again.

I guess I say "Oh no" whenever she drops something or if something goes wrong...and my little mini-me has started saying her own version of "ough noooo"! It's so cute and I giggle every time I hear her say it. She also says "I clen" for - I clean - after she spills something. My little apple did not fall far from the tree.

I'm so glad I got these words on's a long clip (but probably not long enough for the grandparents). Listen for her sweet little voice and her yucky cough. I hope you enjoy watching her as much as we do.

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Bev said...

Hey Little G,
PaPa says that you can help BeBe clen when you come to visit because you do it so well. Maybe you can help PaPa fix coffee in the morning. Hope you're feeling much better real soon. Can't wait to see you!