Thursday, October 8, 2009


So here's our usual morning routine:

Todd's alarm goes off at 6:15 and he hits snooze 2-3 times (thank goodness I don't hear it - I hate the "snooze" button....don't get me wrong I LOVE to sleep - and can sleep at the drop of a hat - but I'd rather sleep the extra 20-30 minutes in the morning than be woken up every 10 by the snoozer). Gracie fusses around 6:30 and I go in to see her standing in crib nearest her bedroom door and ready to hand me her "night-night" blankets (all 3 of them). I bring her back into our bed where she cuddles with Todd while I get her morning milk ready. We turn on some cartoons and she drinks her milk in our bed while I try to close my eyes for a little bit longer. Todd hops in the shower. After she's done with her milk - she's running around bringing toys or movies back to our room. Once Todd is getting his coffee and breakfast, Gracie and I venture out to the family room where she plays and watches movies while I check email, Facebook, and blogs!

So this morning, I had to giggle when I looked over to see her sitting like this:

Where's Gracie?


Yep, I see you!

What are we gonna do with you?

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Margaret said...

she is adorable!! :)