Sunday, October 25, 2009

The perfect punkin!

I planted a few pumpkin seeds in our garden this summer but no pumpkins grew...either because of the chilly, very rainy summer weather we had or because I didn't know what I was doing which is likely the real reason! I couldn't find an actual pumpkin patch but we have an adorable country market in town and they had a great selection of pumpkins!

Our search begins for the perfect porch pumpkins!

Distracted by the gourds!

Gourd-eous Girl!

Wishing her Fairy Godmother would
turn this pumpkin into a carriage!

Pumpkin Obstacle Course

(both the pumpkin & the Granddaddy)!

1 comment:

Lori said...

SO cute! Gracie looks precious in her hat and vest.