Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Girl Bed

On Thursday, Feb. 18th (a few days after the "climbing out of the crib" incident)...I decided it was time for Gracie to have her BIG Girl Bed!!! I made a big production out of it and she "helped" me convert the crib by taking a few bolts out and pulling the front railing off.

She immediately fell in love with her Big Girl Bed...she hopped right up all by herself and enjoyed jumping from side to side. I really think she likes being able to get in and out all on her own. When we ask her to tell us what her bed is she says, "Big Gurl Bed!"

The first nap was perfect!!! We read a few stories, and to my surprise when we read the last book, she laid down and fell asleep within a few minutes. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. And it turned out it was a one time thing... just too good to actually be true every time!

The transition has gone really well but she doesn't like going to sleep. Going to bed at night is the real struggle (she's just a night owl) and every nap after the first one...has brought many tears!

Call me inconsistent, and I know I said I didn't want to be, but this is a big time of change for our family with our move back to the States. With Todd traveling, I've let her sleep with me at night - I'm just not up for the fight and I don't want her to roll out of bed (I haven't bought the mesh rail yet because there aren't many choices in Canada). Wouldn't it be an awful feeling to be scared of going to sleep because you're afraid of hurting yourself in your own bed?

We tried one night to have her sleep at night in her bed. We did our usual routine but she still had to cry herself to sleep. She stayed in her bed for several hours...but when I checked on her at 11:30 pm (during one of my multiple trips to the bathroom at night) she was sleeping on the floor!

She takes all of her naps in her own bed but still cries each time for about 15-20 minutes and then she settles down and falls asleep.

What amazes me the most is that while she could very easily get out of her bed when she's upset and come out of her room....she doesn't....she screams and cries and jumps up and down but she stays in her bed...which I think is a big deal!!! We are very proud of her and find it so hard to believe that our baby is turning into a little girl!!!

The BIG GIRL Daybed

1st Nap

Saturday's nap -
Asleep in the corner after being very upset
about having to take her nap!

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Lori said...

Awwweee--so cute! Yes, be glad she still screams from her bed. Once they realize they can hop down when they're upset everything changes!