Monday, February 15, 2010

A TOUGH Night...Need to Vent

i usually post the cute and happy moments of our life but tonight i'm laying it all out there (mostly because i just need to get it off my chest and to share with katie c.).

this started as an email to my mom and todd's mom but i decided to copy/paste and add to it on here.


i think gracie's trying to give up her naps but clearly she's not ready because when she tries, and when i let her (which lately is everyday), she ends up inconsolable and exhausted...and usually takes a late nap (4'ish until 5:30-6) and then bedtime is 9:30 or later!!!

here is the recount of my night tonight(and if you didn't know...i'm 11 weeks pregnant, on day 6 of an awful cold, gracie has a runny nose, and todd is very busy with work).

gracie had a cat nap on the way to/from the airport (about 20-30 minutes)....woke up before we got home...lost it when i took her inside to take her coat off...tried to settle her...used time out...settled down...she had a little dinner and watched dora....when dora was over she didn't know what she wanted to watch next and lost it...tried consoling...ended up in time out x4...finally settled...went in to read stories...went well until it was time for bed...put g down at 7 - she had to cry it out...asleep for 30 minutes or so...woke up crying...i let her cry it out again...then up again at 8....heard the binky drop, went in to get it and she was SITTING ON TOP OF the little chest of drawers next to her crib/door...little booger crawled on top of the pile of animals in her crib and climbed out. thank god she didn't fall - i think she's smart enough to be a little cautious - determined but cautious!!!! picked her up...held her ...gave her some water...took everything out of the crib except her pillow, callie, night nights, teddy bear...moved the chest...put her back to bed...tried sitting next to her bed...she tried climbing out...repeatedly laid her back down and sat near her...gave up on sitting near her and i moved to just outside of her door...lots of crying and lots of times laying her back down...finally at 9 she's quiet but still awake!

i'm going to have a BIG bowl of ice cream since i can't drink and then i'm going to bed!!!!! I'M DONE!

i know i need to be more consistent and strict with a nap/bedtime schedule...we have a routine but i've obviously been too flexible!!! i need your advice and support!!!! PLEASE!


Tania said...

Hi Kelly!

Being a mom is the most difficult job in the world! I've been there with √Čric, they go through phases... I have no real advice but I'm just happy to see that we're all normal. Keep hanging in there!

Ashlee said...

Hey Kelly - gotta love those nights...doesn't Gracie know that you don't feel good??? hee hee
hope you are feeling better...and gracie girl figures out her little schedule! the bowl of ice cream sounded great!
love and miss you
*wish we lived close, so we could save each other on nights like that!
talk soon

Lori said...

Hang in there girl! It's a phase. We have been through so many napping and bedtime issues. You are right consistency is key. My girls still test us, popping out of bed after we've put them down for the night. I know it is so hard when you are pregnant and tired though! Enjoy your ice cream--you deserve it!!! Praying for a better night tomorrow!

Bev said...

You're a great mom Kelly! Gracie is so lucky to be your little girl!As Tania said...being a mom is the most difficult job in the world, but it is also the most rewarding! Hang in there, this phase will pass! I wish so very much that I was there to help out on the tough days...we love and miss you all very much!
Lots of love,

Alyson said...

Well, I hope the last few days have been a little better! Yes, it is a phase, but I know that doesn't help you feel better at the time. We seem to go through those tough phases when there is a new milestone, or sometimes for NO reason at all. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I don' enjoy your ice cream!!!

Jodie said...

oh no! feel better - the cold is making everything worse I am sure. take care of yourself and get better - vent anytime! We all should do it more!

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I could see why that would put you at your wits end! Especially if you feel as bad as I did at 11 weeks!