Saturday, February 20, 2010

The rest of the night...

First, thank you to everyone for your support and kind words after hearing about the night I had with Gracie at the beginning of the week...It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who struggles and has major frustrations with being a parent at times and it's so good hear similar stories!!! So thank you!!!

After I finished the post - all was quiet in the house for about 15 9:30 pm she was fussing again and at around 10 pm I heard her whining for "Night Night" (her blanket). I'm thinking to myself, "You've got to be kidding...she's been upset, crying, screaming, whining - off and on for 5 hours! Seriously, GIVE IT UP KID!!!" So I got up...walked into her room and found her STANDING in the middle of the floor. She completely climbed out of her crib...she didn't fall because I didn't hear a thud and she wasn't crying...just fussing.

So at that point, I had, had it!!! I broke down crying...called my parents to tell them what she had done...I was exhausted and drained and couldn't stop crying...which with my cold turned into a coughing fit and then I was throwing poor parents and Gracie...having to listen to me so upset and sick. I feel terrible about that! So finally my mom said,

"Sometimes, you just have to give in."

And that's what I did. I finally settled down and got her comfy in our bed and we went to bed together at 11 pm. UGH!

I didn't fight bedtime the next several nights...we both needed to recover...and I let her sleep in our bed. Since then we've both caught up on our sleep and I'm attempting again to get her nap and bedtime routine on track in her BIG GIRL BED - YEP, you climb out of your crib and you get a big girl bed instead.

Wish us luck on this transition and getting into a better routine with better sleep for everyone!!!


The Swannack Family said...

I hope it all goes well in the big girl bed! As I said in my email, Charlotte LOVES her big girl bed and would spend all day just hanging out in it if I let her. I hope that everything goes very smoothly for you and Gracie during the transition!

Shera said...

I feel your pain!! Olivia stopped sleeping in her crib over a year ago and has been in OUR bed!!! I finally got rid of the crib and put a toddler bed in her room. She likes it, but has not slept for a full night. She has taken 1 nap in we are still working on it. She loves to hang out and read in her room now, so hopefully this will turn into going to bed in there!

Good luck with the bed. I am sure she will love it!!