Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter (only a month late)

Yep, I'm almost a month behind on this post.
Hope y'all had a Happy Easter!

This wasn't the Easter I would have planned, basically because I didn't plan! And for those of you that know me well...I am a planner...but I'm just about planned out - from arranging the move out of Canada, to travel plans for 2 months, to our move into Alexandria in May - I'm DONE, yep, OVER IT! And while I'm incredibly grateful for our families helping us, letting us stay with them, feeding us, and entertaining us....I'm ready to have my little family back together again and to get into a regular routine with my own things.

Ok - obviously needed to vent - back to Easter...we had fun celebrating Easter TWICE...I mean, there's nothing better than getting lots of candy TWICE (especially when it's half off for after Easter Sales)!

On Easter Sunday we dyed eggs in Beaufort with BeBe & PaPa (my parents) and Gracie & her bestest buddy Mason had a blast with egg hunts. Then the next weekend the Easter Bunny made a special trip to Washington, DC so that we could celebrate with Daddy.

Going over egg dying instructions

Ready to get started!

Counting her eggs!

On the hunt!

Love this picture!

What did the Easter Bunny bring G?

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Movie, Coloring Book,
Paint with Water Book, a Colors book, & Candy!

Unwrapping a chocolate egg

Very EXCITED to find more chocolate in an egg!

NOT happy about finding puffs in one of the eggs.
Sorry Easter Bunny - this girl likes chocolate!

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Anonymous said...

That last pic of disappointed Gracie is so funny! ~Katie