Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pickle's 1st Pictures!

Pickle's 19 week ultrasound was on Mon, April 11th at Washington Radiology in Fairfax.

We (Todd & I) were thrilled to found out that Pickle appears to be healthy and is growing well - 3 days ahead of the due date. Gracie, however, is not so sure about this whole baby thing and being a big sister...I think she was thinking, "Oh great, REALLY...there's actually a baby in there!"

Guess she better soak up the attention now and enjoy her last few months as an only child!

And the next important answer to your question is WE DON'T KNOW!

We DID NOT find out if Pickle is a boy or a girl...we're all gonna have to wait! Todd and I both decided that we didn't want to know again; we really enjoyed finding out in the delivery room. Besides, all we really care about is that the baby is healthy (just like everyone)! Really it's a Win-Win!

If we have another girl - that would be awesome...I would love for Gracie to have a sister, Todd would love for us to reuse all our girl things and he's already wrapped around Gracie's finger - what's one more, and I would love to be the Girl-Lee-Girls!

And if we have a boy - that would be awesome too...I would love to see Todd with a son, for Gracie to be tormented and protected by a brother, and I would love to have a Mama's boy!

But for the record, I think we're having another girl and Todd thinks we're having a boy! So there you of us is right! Leave us a comment with your guess!'s our PICKLE.

Waving hello!

Sweet little profile!

Ready to give hugs!

Flip Flop Toes (like me & Gracie)

Feet crossed...No Peeking!
Pickle wants us to be surprised too.

Beautiful Baby!

Same nose and lips as Gracie!

In case you're wondering and want to mark your calendar, I'm hoping for a scheduled C-Section on Thurs, Sept 2nd. I like the 9/2 date because it's the opposite of Gracie's birthday on 2/9 - kinda cool, huh! Plus, Thursday is the day my doctor does his sections and it's the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend - a long weekend for Todd!

And we haven't decided on names yet!


AIM said...

Hi, Pickle!!! You're adorable, just like the rest of your family! I can't wait to meet you ...

Pssst, Pickle, can you just whisper in my ear if you're a girl pickle or a boy pickle??? I promise I won't tell.

; )


PS Kell, you look amazing! xoxo

Alyson said...

Well, I happen to think boys are way cool, but...I loved your "Girl-Lee-Girls" statement so much that I think I must say PINK! I suppose if I can't have pink at my house, at least I can enjoy it on your blog!!! :)

Katie said...

I'm HORRIBLE at guessing, but given the other folks I currently know who are pregnant and due around the same time...I say GIRL!