Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Break ~ Marco Island


Katie said...

So fun! And did I glimpse Bev in stretch pants and a big T-shirt in one of those pictures??? LOVE!!!!

Bev said...

We had so much fun in Marco!! Thank you for making the trip, I know how much it meant to GiGi to have you and Gracie there! We can't wait to see you both!
Lots of love,

AIM said...

Check out Miss Thing wearing a clip in her hair!!! Go Gracie!

We miss you sooo much and so enjoy looking at your blog to see where in the world are Gracie & Kelly.

Maaike still calls the last outfit she wore to your house "GracieKelly" shirt and pants. And just this morning she was driving "GracieKelly car" in the basement. LOL

Just so you know you're never far from our thoughts.


Lisa Paul said...

Adorable! She is so stinkin' cute (actually, your entire family is!)