Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Dance Class

Gracie has been going to The Little Gym since February. She usually attends an hour gymnastics class once a week. I've really enjoyed the program and I think she has too. It's been a good experience for her to be around lots of other kids, to listen to her teachers, to be away from me (while I watch through the windows), to wait her turn, and just play. The gym has a wonderful staff and I think Gracie is really benefiting from all the activity.

One of the other things that is neat about the that when she had to miss a few classes, like when we were away on vacation, she could make them up in another age-appropriate class. We tried a dance class (15 minutes each of tap and ballet and then 30 minutes in the gym) and I think she liked it.

How cute is she in her tutu?

I bought her a pair of tap shoes for future classes but Gracie sat out for the 2nd make-up class. It was a pirate theme and the new teacher was very animated and "in" character which all the other girls seemed to like...Gracie wasn't so sure about it all. Oh well...she's easily overwhelmed and cautious. I'm glad she a little more reserved in new situations. I definitely don't want her to be scared and I hope she's trusts me enough to know I only want the best for her.

She does things when she's ready!

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