Monday, July 18, 2011

Brooke's Bachelorette in NOLA

The end of April I flew to New Orleans for Brooke's Bachelorette Weekend. Brooke's sister, Blaine, planned a fabulous trip. I was a little worried about leaving Miss Delaney...only because she wouldn't take a bottle...but she survived on baby food, lots of yogurt, water from a medicine dropper (at the time, that little stinker wouldn't drink out of a sippy cup either), and lots of love and attention from her Daddy, grandparents, and her big sister!

I had so much fun that was my first weekend away...without Todd or the girls in over 4 years. Crazy! I definitely missed my family but it was kinda nice to be by myself ~ I got to know Brooke better, the other girls were so much fun, and exploring New Orleans was wonderful. NOLA really is beautiful. I wish I could have spent time on Magazine St. with all the shops and restaurants, or wondered around the gardens, or seen the famous cemeteries, and I wish I would have taken more pictures! I big thank you to Brian, Todd's BFF, for driving over from Baton Rouge - he was our taxi driver on Saturday afternoon...we got to see the lower 9th ward, drove down Magazine St., went around the locked cemetery, and saw more of NOLA's beautiful homes and architecture. I loved seeing all the beads hanging from the telephone wires from past parades. NOLA is a fun and absolutely beautiful city!

We had a blast on Bourbon (day and night), checked out the French Market, ate beignets, wore beads, drank hurricanes and hand grenades, had a yummy southern dinner, and just enjoyed our time there and together.

Brooke & Brienne

The Bachelorette

Blaine & Brooke

Late night pizza after LOTS of drinks.

Todd's BFF Brian drove over from Baton Rouge.


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