Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1st Swimming Lessons

Gracie had her first swimming lessons in May & June. Going into the 1st class,
I told Todd that I didn't have huge expectations for this round of lessons; I just wanted Gracie to feel comfortable getting in the water with the instructor and that she was willing to try the skills. Her teacher, Ashley, was really nice and incredibly patient; she also had the sweetest voice. Gracie surprised us and did really well in two of her four classes...she walked down the ramp and into the pool all by herself while Todd and I watched from right along the side. She was a very good listener and tried everything her teacher asked her do. We were so proud of her!

Well, that was until her third lesson...but to her credit, there was a wild boy in her class that wasn't listening and he was splashing around like a crazy person. I know you're probably thinking...SPLASHING, hello? It's a pool...and OK...I get it...it's a pool - but really...he didn't have to splash that much during a LESSON...it wasn't freeplay, people. This was the lesson for VERY beginners. His mother made a futile attempt to get him to stop, sit quietly and wait for his turn with the instructor...however, when he continued to splash like a maniac...his mom gave up and sat off to the side TEXTING. Uh, really? Nice parenting!!! Give me a break. The teacher couldn't get him to stop either...and that bothered me. I taught lessons during the summers while I was in college and I always did my best to keep control of my class. Bottom line, that kid pissed me off! He made Gracie not want to get in the water and that later lead to a major tantrum in the parking lot...and I'm not ok with her full-on, screaming at the top of her lungs tantrums that last for 30+ minutes. So when it was time for the 4th lesson...she didn't want to go and I didn't push it because I didn't want a repeat of the fiasco from the 3rd lesson.

WOW - that was a LONG story. Do ya think I'm a little bitter about that kid and her 1st lesson experience? Yes, but...I'll get over it and hopefully she will too. Now, on to the pictures from her very 1st lesson:

Here's what D thought about it!

I can't wait for the day that G & D love to swim!

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BeBe and PaPa said...

Loved seeing the pics of Gracie's swimming lesson! Too bad about the "splashing boy!" I am sure that she will want to continue swimming!!
Lots of love,
BeBe and PaPa XXOO