Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Napper!

When Delaney wakes up in the morning or from a nap she either cries or "talks" but always keeps her eyes on the door waiting for us to come get her. When we make eye contact with her she flashes the biggest smile and just squeals with excitement. This is one of my most favorite moments during the day. I look forward to seeing those big blue eyes sparkle, seeing that gummy smile, and hearing that sweet squeal each and every time. Oh, how I love this girl.


BeBe and PaPa said...

What a precious, happy little girl! We are so blessed to have such beautiful and adorable granddaughters! We love watching your blogs every day...thank you so much for posting all the pictures and videos! What a wonderful surprise to come home from work each day to see!!
Love and miss you all very much!
BeBe and PaPa XXOO

Lisa Paul said...

Oh Kell, she is just PRECIOUS! I love that little sleeper she's in...looks so cozy and warm! We HAVE to get a date on the calendar to get the kids together!

carrie said...

I can't handle it. She is so sweet and beautiful...and that little sleeper is soooooooooooooooooo sweet. Wow. What different worlds we live in. Rowan cries and I walk in and he's sitting up or standing in his crib with half his mobile in his mouth.